New Baby, Who Dis?

Wow.  What happened to me?  I disappeared on this blog for quite a while.  Well, I had a baby.  And trust me, you didn’t want to hear from me once I hit the third trimester.  I’m back, though, and this morning, I’m going to write about my birth story.  Mostly for myself and my daughter,... Continue Reading →

2nd Trimester comin in hot…now

I woke up Monday morning with an alert on my phone – “Congrats you are halfway through your pregnancy!”.  What has followed a pretty hard 1st Trimester is now just a very calm and exciting 2nd Trimester.  I felt my baby kick for the first time and I’m coming to terms with the fact that... Continue Reading →

Puking is my life now

So, per my last post, I’m pregnant.  Remember?  Me too! Despite the title, I promise this blog ends on a positive note. I found out I was pregnant when I was exactly 4 weeks.  That is pretty damn early, by the way, as a lot of women do not find out until way later.  That... Continue Reading →

Here Comes My Girl

It’s been a long time since I have written and there was a reason!  Every time I would sit down and write something, it was hard not to write about what was primarily going on in my life. However, last week, we got the best news we could have gotten and now we can share... Continue Reading →

Year 1

Tom and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary!  How crazy is that?!  We had so much going on this year that it really did fly by. Tom and I do not really buy each other a lot gifts throughout the year.  So no gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter, Casmir Pulaski Day… etc. ... Continue Reading →

Detroit Turkey Trottin’

I did it.  I completed my second 2018 New Years resolution by finishing my 5th running race of the year. Normally, I wouldn't brag about this, since it took me almost the entire year to do, but I ran this race in 20 degree weather with Tom, in the city he grew up in.  It... Continue Reading →

Apostle Islands

After this post, I will no longer be behind in terms of shoving all my vacations down the throats of the 5 people who even know about this blog.  I think this year has been the record amount of trips.  I am not even writing about the multiple weekends I’ve taken for bachelorette parties either. ... Continue Reading →

Eleven Fjordy & Epilogue

Part #2 of my vacation coming in hot!  Another Tom-ism reference for the title.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was for him to go from an Irish accent to Norwegian seamlessly.  He was born with many gifts. We woke up early in Ireland and booked it to the airport to make our flight... Continue Reading →

I am as Irish as a Potato is wide

Welcome to Part #1 of my vacation!  This was an UNREAL trip that could not fit into one blog entry.  Sorry folks, you are getting two.  By “folks”, I mean the handful of people who even know about this blog. The title of this blog comes from Tom.  He decided that, in Ireland, he would... Continue Reading →

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