My Rocky Relationship with Food

In some of these posts, I have been tempted to really go in deep about my personal relationship with food.  My whole reasoning for doing the Whole 30 was to get better insight on my relationship with food and perhaps establish better habits in the future.  I also wanted to better understand what certain foods... Continue Reading →

Day 21

I finished Day 21 yesterday.  Easy Peazy.  The challenge is becoming less and less hard.  I decided that on Thursday this week I will read over everything in the book again, as far as what I should expect, and do an analysis on what actually happened with me.  Everyone is different and I don’t think... Continue Reading →

Day 19 & 20….Smell ya later

Or just see ya later...I can't smell a damn thing.  =) This weekend was a breeze.  Honestly, I am flying HIGH right now on energy alone.  I had one of the most relaxing weekends that I’ve had in a while and I didn’t really do much.  Friday, I headed to the gym, came home and... Continue Reading →

Day 18…..TGIF

This week was long and very rough on many levels.  But guess what….IT’S FRIDAY!  I get to go home and make my Whole 30 meatloaf and watch a ton of bad TV.  I have no real plans outside of hitting up a spinning class and walking around downtown for the women’s march.  Tom and I... Continue Reading →

Day 15

So I’m happy that I made it to Day 15 but my day in general was not good.  I was in a constant state of wanting to drink all the wine while eating my weights worth in cookies.  I’m sure this is standard but at this point I don’t even care.  Between work and everything... Continue Reading →

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