Day 3….Oh yeah, I do need sugar

I probably should have reminded myself at the beginning of the Whole 30 that I am Hypoglycemic.  This means that I have an unusual low blood glucose level.  If I don’t get some type of sugar to regulate my levels, I tend to lose my vision for a time or faint.  It typically happens after a night out of drinking but this morning is happened on my 3rd day of the Whole 30.

I woke up light headed with a headache.  When I walked into the bathroom, I lost my vision for a few seconds and stumbled a little to hold on to the sink.  While in the shower, it hit me that although I’ve been eating within the guidelines of the Whole 30 that I had completely forgotten about fruit.  Fruit contains natural sugar that people need for their blood glucose levels.

I finished getting ready slowly and drove to work.  Very dumb.  I lost my vision again when I parked the car.  Once regained, I walked down to the store (1 block) and I stocked up on fruit.  Within 5 or 10 minutes of eating some, I felt better.

I have been living with this condition for most of my life.  I have fainted many times …..both in childhood and as an adult.  I’m not sure if I’m officially diagnosed with Hypoglycemia or if you have to be at all, but every time I go to the doctor they tell me that is what my issue is.  I try to be conscious about it and it’s not often an issue.  But I know that my body goes into autopilot a lot with it.  Meaning, I will sleepwalk into my pantry and eat chocolate.

Knowing all of this, I will have to make sure I have a daily intake of the natural sugars that are in fruit.  Losing my vision daily is not something I want to do this year.

Aside from the sugar issue, the diet is going well.  Still very annoyed with how much you have to read labels.  You can’t see bacon and think “oh that’s on my approved list and I can eat it!“.  I’m learning that these manufacturers will sneak sugar into anything they can.   I even had to be careful with almond milk this morning as the first 2 I picked up had sugar or maple syrup in it.

I think that once I get to Day 10 I will be feeling a lot better.  I tried the Whole 30 in October but really wasn’t as strict as I’m being now, and I only did it for about 15 days.  This time I am doing it for 25 days (I have plans on Day 26!).  This is why I’m going to fully commit myself for the entire 25 days with no slips.

Bring on Day 4!

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