Day 5 & 6 – I survived my 1st weekend!

I survived.  I was so nervous about going into this weekend that I left my meal planner blank when it came to this week and weekend.  Turns out, it was not only a lot easier than I had thought but I actually had a great time regardless.  I think the time of year really helps too.  If this were summer, it would only take one person drinking on a patio somewhere to send me over the edge.  I would have cheated 5 minutes in on Friday.

Saturday – I woke up feeling good but again, not great.  Not like the kind of great I’m reading that will happen eventually.  I had a mild headache but it went away while I was eating my apple on the way to the gym.  I was able to get through spin with just as much energy as normal and when I walked outside in the negative temps, it was the first time I thought “oh I feel really good today”.

When I got home I tested out a new Whole 30 recipe – Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers [Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers]. 

I followed the recipe to a tee up to the point where they talk about the oven.  Why use an oven when I have an air fryer?!  Oven – estimated 28 minutes?  Air Fryer – it was done in 8.  Tom, who normally isn’t a fan of ground meat, loved these poppers.   He’s always a good tester because he never backs away from telling me how he feels about food.  He approved and I took note that this is something I will make post Whole 30.

My energy level was moderate after I ate.   I had a ton of energy in the morning and the early afternoon but by 4pm I was really to go to bed for the night.  I could tell Tom was itching to go out though so I pulled myself together and we went over to a friends house.  I drank coffee and brought my own potatoes that I could make in place of the pizza they ate.  If I closed my eyes tight enough I could pretend that my potatoes were pizza….Just joking they tasted 100% like potatoes.

The night was fun despite me drinking coffee.  I was honestly surprised at how much fun I had, and I wasn’t at all consciously thinking about how I was not drinking.  If anything, it just confirms to me that our nights out are just as fun and hilarious whether we are drinking or not.  We stayed out until 5am.

Sunday – I woke up tired but for obvious reasons.  Tom woke up miserable.  I thought he was hungover but he was sick.  I was really feeling quite good in the afternoon but I don’t know if it’s due to this diet or because I didn’t drink and my body is typically used to feeling icky on these days.  I do want to point out that I haven’t yet lost any weight that is worth mentioning.  I feel that is important to say because I know a lot of people do this for that result.  So far, the only thing I’m seeing is that my energy levels in the AM and mid-day have improved and I don’t feel so achy like I had before.

I ventured out to the store and finally found Whole 30 compliant broth at Whole Foods.  Should have looked there first.

When I got home, I made the Whole 30 Chili that is in the book.  Added some jalapenos for some spice and it turned out great!

Very excited that I made it to Day 7 a lot easier than I thought.  I’m now confident about the rest of the month.

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