Day 7…Here come all the dreams!

If you go to the section, in the book [Whole 30 Book], that goes over the day to day expectations, you will read about the dreams that you are likely to have around Day 7 and 8.  At Day 1, this seemed odd to me.  You supposedly have dreams about all of the food you can’t eat but, in a lot of cases, it’s food you would never eat normally anyway.  I went into the Whole 30 thinking I had a leg up since I was pretty healthy already but this was just one other thing that I was wrong about.  The dreams came last night and they were ridiculous.

The dream involved my best friend from High School.  I was over at her house, and while her son napped she walked me all over her house and showed me all these hidden places she stored Little Debbie brownies and cakes.  Yes, Little Debbie.  Those sweets you ate as a child.  I have not thought about or eaten a Little Debbie snack cake in years….I could even maybe say 15 years!  Although…..who knows what I ate in college when I was high.  I could have eaten a Little Debbie wrapper out of the garbage for all I know.  The point is, Little Debbie has been off my radar for a pretty long time.

In the dream, it looked so good.  Brownies with that multi – colored candy on top, Zebra Cakes, Christmas Tree Cakes (that are pretty much Zebra Cakes but in the form of a Christmas Tree).  I didn’t eat them though.  I was just shown them by my friend.  She was almost bragging about how many Little Debbie snacks she had hidden around her house….pretty ballsy in my opinion but it was a dream.  I’ll forgive her for that.

When I woke up, I laughed about it.  What the hell was that?

Day 7 was pretty normal though.  I had eaten my leftover Chili that I made the other night with some avocado.  The gym was a little bit of a chore but it usually is on Mondays.  People at the gym on Mondays in January are the worst types of people.  All the Beckys and Chads are there trying to get fit for spring break.  I’m 34.  I really can’t stand these Beckys and Chads.

When I got home and crawled into bed I had such a hard time falling asleep.  That is one thing that I have not noticed getting better that is frustrating.  I wish I could fall asleep easier.  Hoping that change is to come.

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