Day 10 & 11…..Bracing myself for another dry weekend

In the book, Day 10 and 11 are the toughest.  You aren’t really noticing any new changes and the newness of the program itself is starting to wear off.  I think that is why it is very important to do this when you literally have nothing else going on.  It’s January in Chicago…..and I have nothing else to do with my time.

Another weekend is coming up.  Again, no plans (obviously I’m cool).  I’ll probably sit around the house and count down the minutes to when I get to walk my friends dog.  Maybe try out a new recipe. Oh, last night, I made Whole 30 Double Baked Sweet Potatoes [Double Baked Sweet Potatoes.


This would have been way easier if I also hadn’t decided to use my Instant Pot for the first time.  I spent way too much time trying to figure out how it worked and probably added 45 minutes to a prep time that could have easily been 10 min.  ANYWAY – they were awesome.  The instant pot (mine is the Instant Pot Ultra [Instant Pot Ultra]), once I figured it out, was great too.  Took me 15 minutes to cook the sweet potatoes when the recipe for the oven said an hour or more.  So it’s a huge time saver and an all around great investment.

Perhaps this weekend I’ll do some sit-ups in the hope that it takes my mind off the fact that I’ve now woken up for the 3rd straight day bloated as all hell.  Oh yeah, THAT’S STILL HAPPENING!  I’m not sure if there is a “cute bloated” but if there is I wouldn’t fall into that category.  When I’m bloated my thighs rub together a lot and my stomach is in the state of like a 3 month pregnancy.  Plus, it is just uncomfortable.  Really hoping that goes away soon.

Tom asked me innocently last night if I could have a dessert if it was Whole 30 compliant.  I told him I do have dessert….it’s called fruit.  I think he meant like cake or pie, but from what I read, a huge goal in the Whole 30 is to break your unhealthy habits.  So disguising healthy food as a dessert is really not helping.  Also – I’m not making some shitty Whole 30 version of a cookie.  That will only make me want a real cookie.

Lets go weekend #2!

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