Day 12 & 13…another weekend bites the dust

This is getting a lot easier.  This weekend I was beyond productive.  It helped I did have some distractions though.

On Friday, my youngest brother came over so that we could talk about his school prospects now that he is out of the Navy.  We went out to a Sushi place and it was clear to me right away that I was going to struggle there.  You really can’t eat much at a sushi place.  I ended up having to get just random pieces of fish and eating them raw.  No soy sauce, no rice, no miso soup.  I could cry just writing that out right now.  If you’re on the whole 30, I would just avoid restaurants….you are only going to get sad about what you can’t have and then you have to sit there and watch others eat whatever they want.

Something else that is worth mentioning here as a perk of this Whole 30 is how much better my period has been.  I got it on Friday, on schedule, and it has been much easier to manage this month.  In the past, I have had a lot of problems in this area.   When I was younger, I would get flu like symptoms and even have an actual fever.  I have been put on many different kinds of birth control that have yielded even more issues.  Up and down moods, acne, very bad period cramps, bouts of crying and deep depression etc.  You name it, I’ve basically had it as a period symptom.  This month, though, I can say that I have had very little in far as normal symptoms.  Very mild cramps and my energy levels have still been very high.  My mood has been pretty good too for the most part and I even have managed to curb a lot of my cravings with Whole 30 compliant food and snacks.

Another distraction:  I was dog sitting Friday through this morning.  He’s a very cute dog and is pretty well trained.  I walked around the house every time I went over trying to find pee or like a hidden poop somewhere, and I came up empty.

Anyway, both Saturday and Sunday I took him on long walks around the neighborhood.  He would pee on as many things as he could as fast as he could.  Even when he ran out of pee, he would still lift his leg and mime pee basically on stuff.  The poop schedule was different.  He would wait a crazy long time to poop.  He really had me pegged out the gate.  It’s like he knew that I would be waiting for his dump, so he made sure he held that in until the end.   Great move by him….considering it was an average of 12 degrees this entire weekend.

Sunday, I woke up to the best surprise.  Tom researched and made me a Whole 30 compliant breakfast as a reward for getting through my second weekend.  It was honestly one of the sweetest things he’s ever done.  He is just so considerate and supportive of everything I do regardless if he understands it or not.  He made bacon, an apple walnut and cinnamon dish and a banana and almond butter side.  He baked the apples and the bananas and it all came out so good.  Classic Breakfast King.  I made a Pot Roast later that night that came out of the newest Whole 30 recipe book I bought last week [Whole30 Fast & Easy].  It was really good.  That Instant Pot has really been a great addition to the kitchen and well worth the money.

Ready for this week!  10 more days to go!


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