Day 14…Alright I’M OVER EGGS

Well I finally hit the point that the book said I would hit.  I’m sick of eggs.  I don’t want to see an egg.   I don’t even want to think about eggs.  In the last 14 days, I’ve had eggs in every way you can think of.  I’ve mixed eggs with veggies and smothered them with avocado.  I’ve had them boiled, baked, fried and scrambled.  I’m running out of ways to make them so that I won’t be sick of them.  How do I cook an egg so that it tastes like cake?  Anyone?  Anyone?


Another thing I’ve noticed is that eggs are not filling to me.  I’m not sure if other people get full on eggs but I’m a bottomless pit when it comes to them.  I could eat an egg and totally forget I ate it like 2 minutes later.  It’s because I feel the same as I did before I ate it, hungry.  Tom will sometimes tell me he only wants one egg in the morning.  One egg?!  I mean the idea of only have one egg for breakfast is just out of the question.   I’m almost offended by the suggestion actually.

I need to just keep trying new recipes and just passing the time with that.  I’ve made some great things on the Whole 30.  I don’t want to start bitching about it now because I’m sick of eggs.

Tonight, I’m going to search around for something new to make.  I have developed a whole new love and appreciation for sweet potatoes.  I was not a fan of them as a kid but I can say now that I’m Team Sweet Potato.  Sweet potato hash browns are like a whole new level of greatness.  I just shred a sweet potato and cook on the stove with ghee and some olive oil.  They come out very crispy and taste amazing.

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