Day 16 …have my fingers gotten smaller?

Last night, at the end of my Day 16, I realized that my engagement and wedding bands do not fit me anymore.  They are REALLY lose.  So… does that happen and is it connected to the Whole 30?

Here are my theories.  #1 My fingers got smaller.  I’m pretty sure your hands don’t just get smaller out of no where.  You can lose weight body wise but if you have man hands I think you are stuck with them.  #2 I’m not retaining as much water as I used to.  This is probably it.  For the past 15 years or so, I think I’ve been at a bloated type state.  Not all the time….but most of the time.  I know I am thin…so I don’t want this to be the point where I sound like a complainer.  But it’s true, you can totally retain water and be bloated all while still appearing thin.  It’s still not a fun feeling either way.  In the past, I would drink so much water and not pee for like a day.  It’s very odd and not healthy.  Luckily, I can pee on a normal schedule now.

Also, my skin condition….still not better.  This is frustrating.  I still got some time though so skinny fingers crossed this changes soon.


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