I’m going to dance on the cliffs of Moher & prance through all the fjords

I’m going to take a quick break here from the Whole 30 narrative and declare officially that Tom and I are going to Ireland and Norway in June.   This morning I woke up with all the flight confirmations sitting unread in my inbox.  IT’S OFFICIAL!  I’m so excited I could pee.  I could pee in my pants and be pretty happy about it.

Why Ireland and Norway?

Four years ago, I went to Ireland for one day with my mom.  She was a mess.  She left her wallet on the plane going to Europe and then spent several days with her sister who complained about how she didn’t seem excited enough during the visit.  I think it was very overwhelming for her to travel without my dad to a different country.  She was very dependent on me and that also made her uncomfortable.  This all being said she was in the mood for basically nothing by the time we flew into Dublin.  I’m ready to go back with a different posse.


Who’s dog is that?  I wonder if it has an Irish accent…..

We will be traveling with another married couple.  Friends of ours, obviously, and a couple that will be down to basically do everything.  We plan on flying into Dublin and staying there for 2 nights.  Then on day 3 and 4 we will be renting a car and driving to the western part of Ireland.  We want to stay a night in Galway and perhaps Limerick.  After that, we will drive back into Dublin and fly to Bergen, Norway.  A lot of Tom’s family is from Norway and I think that this part of the trip in particular is going to be really meaningful to him.  We will stay 2 nights in Bergen and then take a boat to Flam.  While in Flam, we will do some hiking and then the next day take the train through the fjords of Norway to Oslo.  Oslo is where we all will spend our last days before we fly back into Chicago.

This entire schedule is tentative but I do plan on dancing and prancing per the title of this entry.

Seriously counting down the days.

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