Day 18…..TGIF

This week was long and very rough on many levels.  But guess what….IT’S FRIDAY!  I get to go home and make my Whole 30 meatloaf and watch a ton of bad TV.  I have no real plans outside of hitting up a spinning class and walking around downtown for the women’s march.  Tom and I may even go to REI and check out some travel bags for Europe.

Yesterday, I got home late and made….you guessed it…eggs!  Have I mentioned how in love I am with eggs?  Tom started the Keto diet and he really has been liking it.  It’s been hard for him to lose the last 5 pounds that he wants.  And so far Day 2 he has lost like 2 pounds and is close to his goal!

Right now, I’m in the Tiger Blood stage and I feel that way too (little fun fact – I used to collect stuffed tigers as a kid).  My energy levels are through the roof.  My mornings have been beyond productive and the feeling of being bloated is completely gone.  I also find myself working out for longer times without counting down the minutes until I’m done.  My runs have been easier and my motivation in general to go to the gym has been better.

My Whole 30 journey is coming to an end next Friday.  I’m excited about it but also I realized this morning I could live like this.  I have enjoyed a lot of the meals I’ve made and I think maybe living a Paleo life could be for me in the long term.  We will see how I feel about it on Friday though.  I may just dive head first into a basket of mozzarella sticks.  That does sound awesome too.

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