Day 21

I finished Day 21 yesterday.  Easy Peazy.  The challenge is becoming less and less hard.  I decided that on Thursday this week I will read over everything in the book again, as far as what I should expect, and do an analysis on what actually happened with me.  Everyone is different and I don’t think it is smart to assume that the Whole 30 is going to yield amazing results for everyone.  Also amazing results is based on perspective really.

On Sunday, I made a Tomato Basil Bisque with Meatballs.  This is shocking to admit but I was not a fan of this.  Maybe I’m not a bisque fan.  Or maybe it tastes better with the cheese.  I’m really not sure but this came out pretty bland.  I could barely taste it.  When I brought the remaining leftover bisque, for my lunch yesterday, I just went to town on it with crushed red pepper and even after that it was so so.

The plus side though is that I finally learned how to use my food processor which I had shoved on a top shelf after failing with it 2 years ago.  It’s a really nice one too (Black & Decker) that my brother got me as a house warming gift.  I tried to make cauliflower mash with it and got so pissed off that I threw away the mash and just made regular potatoes.  The calorie difference was not worth this frustration.  I’m glad to say though that, after Sunday, I finally know how to use it and it worked very well.  I’m glad I didn’t throw it in the trash when I really wanted to 2 years ago.

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