Name Changes

A few weeks ago, I finally started the process of changing my name.  They do not make it easy and I just wasn’t up for the challenge right after I got married.  Anyway – seeing as I booked 2 flights with the new name, I knew I needed to start the process sooner rather than later.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago, I would have told you I would never change my name.  I liked my name.  I mean I was blessed and born with a strong Italian name.  You really couldn’t ask for a better one.  Even when I met Tom and I was pretty convinced we would be together for a while, I still thought I would keep my name.  So many other women do it, I always admired when I met someone that didn’t have the same name as her husband.  Baller move.

Now, after getting married, I realized why so many don’t change their name right away.  It’s a huge pain in the ass.  They do not make it easy for you.  Also, I realized I wanted kids eventually and I would prefer to have the same last name as them.

Marriage License

Want to hear something hilarious?  You have to pay for a certified copy of your own marriage license.  That’s after you have to pay to even apply to get a marriage license.  Super fun.  So you wait about 2 weeks for that to come in.  Tip: We sent ours in on 11/12 to get filed and it was filed 11/13.  So they got it quick.  Just order a copy the week after you get married and then you can begin the process faster than I did.

Social Security Office

I went in the middle of the week at 2pm, thinking I would avoid the lunch rush.  No, I waited 2 hours.  There were so many people there.  A very depressing room to be in because some were clearly not citizens and hoping to rectify that in this cramped office.  When it was finally my turn they took a copy of my marriage license and my current social security card and the man looked at me and goes “Are you sure you want to do this?”.  After 2 hours, I WAS POSITIVE.  He stamped a couple things and then gave me a letter with my new name on it.  A government shutdown and 2 weeks later, I had my new card!


Kill me.  I went to the express office that is downtown and usually has no line.  Well apparently everyone had to get their license renewed.  I waited for another 2 hours.  When I got to the front, the cashier looked at my old license, punched a hole in it and had me take another picture. It also didn’t occur to me to practice signing my name and I spelled it wrong the first time.  The cashier looked confused and told me to sign it again.

Changing your Bank

This was pretty funny.  They made me come into a Chase office to do this.  I get there and had to wait for a rep to be available.  A very tall and lanky man came out to greet me.  Sweaty hands and a brownish red stain on his tie.  He asked me the reason for the name change and I gave him all my documents (i.e. marriage license, new driver’s license).  He then had to call someone and to make changes on all my credit cards associated with the account.  I realized this is a person he speaks with a lot because he was flirting with her.  “Heyyyyyy long time no talk haha”.  What the heck was going on?  They are flirting while discussing my personal bank information?  I started envisioning Tom and I double dating with them and being invited to their wedding all because he had to spell my new last name 3 times over the phone with her.  Anyway, he successfully changed my information.

Changing all my other accounts

This will take a while.  Mainly because you just don’t realize how much shit your name is associated with.  Accounts, websites etc.  And the verification necessary for all of them.  I mean, it’s crazy.   I need to next update my passport next which requires me to take another picture and send in for a renewal.  I will try to do that this weekend when I’m not sick.  I got majorly sick this weekend and looked like the crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt.  It was not adorable.

I’m glad I changed my name.  I was really excited to see it written out when I got my social security card back.  I loved my old last name too but there is something very exciting about your new one.  This represents a great new chapter in my life with Tom and I’m honored to take his name.   I don’t feel like I gave up a part of myself.   If anything, I feel a lot cooler.

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