Today, I would like to discuss my love affair with a certain day of the week.  It’s a relationship that didn’t happen overnight but throughout the years has really built a nice and big ol spot in my heart.  Yes – I’m lookin at you Sunday – my first love.

My life currently is a little hectic.  Work has been busy the last 5 months.  We set a bunch of yearly goals and really want to focus on new clients.  So far this year, we have launched 3 clients and just landed 2 more.   Without going into too much detail, that is huge.  It’s excited but exhausting.  We have very few employees and a lot of pressure is being put on all of us to succeed.  I have really high hopes and I know the payoff will be great but until we get there it’s draining.

I’ve started training for the 1/2 marathon and a series of other races.  Although, the training schedule is pretty easy compared to others, it still means I go to the gym for at least an hour every day.  When I get home – I’m tired but I also try to maintain my normal schedules with dinners and errand runs.  I constantly feel like I either have something to get done or I forgot something.

Outside of those things, we planned a huge Europe trip and some other getaways that I have been scrambling around trying to finalize details.  At the same time, trying to coordinate how I can attend all my friends weddings, showers, bachelorette weekends and when I can fit a baby into all of this.

So yes, Monday – Saturday my brain is constantly going with something.  BUT…  I have one day where my mind turns off and focuses on nothing.  NOTHING.  And that is Sunday.  Sunday Sunday, oh how I love you.  I have an extensive list of things that I refuse to give a shit out on Sundays…

Makeup, the news, pants, goals, grocery store runs, bras, working out, opening up my planner, zoodles, cleaning, looking at emails, salads, driving, errands, organizing anything, making lists, facebook, looking in mirrors, conversations…etc

I’m constantly adding to the things I don’t do on Sundays.  This is a day that I shut everything off and be the person I wish I could be all week long – the not giving a fuck person.  But I have a job and responsibilities and I think if I went full not giving a fuck, I would probably be living under the highway in a box.

I reserve this attitude for Sunday and it’s very liberating for me.  When people tell me they have a list of things to do on this day I just want to hug them and tell them they could be living a better life.

Today, in particular, really was a beautiful day.  I did all my normal Sunday things but also woke up to birds chirping and a sunny day.  I spent an hour laying on the carpet in the sun next to my front window like a dog would.  #sundaydog

I do things on Sunday, I love doing alone –  like looking at my pores and plucking weird hairs out of my face.  I pick at my nail polish and bite the inside of my mouth.  I watch what I want on TV and peel oranges in my bed.

I encourage everyone to have a day like this.  It’s so therapeutic, for one day, to not concern yourself with the stresses of the world.  I know, tomorrow, I’m going to walk into work refreshed and the best version of myself because I had today.   See you next week Sunday….I know it’s going to be incredible. =)

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