I found the below list a few months back.  At the time, there were a bunch of survey type things going around on facebook and I decided to fill one out.  This was more just a list of things on my mind at the time and I was happy to see that some of the things were resolved since then.   This picture is of me in 2006….doing what I loved to do which was drink wine out of the bottle like the classiest of ladies.  Enjoy!


20 Things About Me

1 – I was named after a cashier at Walgreens who is probably now a famous scientist.

2 – If I’m being honest, my favorite color is Navy, but I always say Purple because it’s just habit and I think the question is stupid.

3 – When I was younger I watched Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan with my dad.  There is a scene in the movie where this weird slug looking thing crawls into a mans ear.  It terrified me so much that I have a reoccurring dream about twice a year til this day of that exact scene.  Thanks dad.

4 – I shaved my legs for the first time after someone in tumbling class told me I looked like an animal.

5 – I use to pray for boobs

6 – I stuffed my bra one night before I went out to a bar and the next morning I woke up at my friends house with the Kleenex placed neatly on my head.  I never stuffed my bra again.  No one would admit to doing it.

7 –  Before I die I want to see the Cubs win the World Series.  I would literally kill a man to make that happen.

8 – I had piano lessons every Monday when I was a kid.  When I was 8, my piano teacher asked me why I hadn’t practiced a certain piece and I told her it was because I had a yeast infection – Something I heard my mom say on the phone earlier that day.

9 – The first text I ever sent was on a Nokia phone and it said “Hi, it’s me, Serena”

10 – I realized I was into dudes in pre school but really didn’t act on it til very late in High School.

11 – I used to light myself on fire with Barcardi 151 as my “bar trick”.  It’s a miracle I’m still alive.

12 – In college, I would tell people my favorite band was OAR.  I went to several shows.  But I don’t think I know one song other than Crazy Game of Poker which now I hate.

13 – A guy once came up to me in the bar said “You’ll do”

14 – Fall is my favorite season.  Everything really cool and great that has happened to me has always happened in the Fall.

15 – The first boyfriend I ever had was when I was in 4th grade.  Brian Forsythe asked me out and I said yes.  We would sit by eachother at lunch and he would follow me after school asking for my phone number, which I would not give him.  My friend Katie eventually asked me if she could date him now and I said yes.  He later, in HS, called in a bomb threat, got expelled and then he moved and changed his name.  I’m still open to rekindling though.

16 – When I was 10, I told my mom I could run faster than her.  We raced tree to tree and she smoked me.   I’m hoping to race her again when she’s in her 90s and really make her look like a fool.

17 – Camping is the worst situation you could voluntarily put yourself in.

18 – I obsessively shower.  On a good day – like 3 times. I know it’s a problem but I’m really happy with it.

19 – The first time I ever got drunk it was off of 2 beers and it was while swinging on a swing set.  That should be a beer commercial probably.

20 – The worst thing to happen to fashion is the need to have stuff written on your ass.  I want a bare ass…..and that is kind of hard to come by now.

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