Here Comes My Girl

It’s been a long time since I have written and there was a reason!  Every time I would sit down and write something, it was hard not to write about what was primarily going on in my life.

However, last week, we got the best news we could have gotten and now we can share it with everyone.  We are expecting a baby girl in December!


I mean how cute is she already?

How we found out…

The morning we found out, it was a sunny and unusually warm Saturday.  Tom and I both thought – perfect for some day drinking!  We both started getting ready to go out to Metropolitan –my favorite brewery in the city – and for some reason I thought to take a pregnancy test.  I don’t know why.  I actually had some cramping and thought for sure my period was coming any second.

Anyway, I grabbed my last test, went into the bathroom and took the test.  I was convinced it would be negative.  I had already gotten so many the last several months.  However, after washing my hands, I looked over at the test and I saw a faint second line!


I.Could.Not.Believe.It.  I stared at it for, what seemed like, hours.  That has got to be positive, right?!

I yelled out to Tom who had zero idea I was even taking a pregnancy test.  The night before he was hugging me while I told him that I was feeling period cramps.

He right away noted how faint the line was.  After reading the instructions, I texted my friend Gina, who was pregnant with her second child.

Is this positive???  This is positive right??  The line isn’t that dark”.

While waiting for her response, Tom considered calling the hotline number that is listed on the box.  I started teasing him about being THAT COUPLE and then:

YESSSSSS!  A line is a line Seren!!  Go get a digital test now!

I was sold on that response and considered myself pregnant.  Although, I didn’t feel pregnant at all, which was confusing.  Women, who are trying to conceive, constantly symptom spot and I was no different.  I did not have one sign though.  No morning sickness, no feelings at all in my uterus, no sore boobs.   In fact, I felt like I was for sure getting my period!

Later, we did go to the brewery and I had one last beer to celebrate – my favorite one Copper Lager.  We bought 2 digital tests on the walk home to take the next morning but I knew.  I just knew this was it.  I couldn’t stop smiling and neither could Tom!

We did tell our parents a few weeks later and our close friends.  I think I told Julia like the next day while she was still on her honeymoon.  It was so hard to keep the news private but for the most part we did.

Now, I am at 12 weeks and everyday is getting more and more real.  I bought an outfit from Baby Gap last week and made it dance all around the apartment.

Excited for the next 6 months and happy to back to the blog!

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