Pills Pills Pills

Like….Bills Bills Bills….get it?  OK, this isn’t a post about me popping hard drugs.  This is about my vitamin and supplement history. Over the past few years, I have starting caring more about myself.  There is something about falling in love that really makes you start doing positive things to better your well being.  I... Continue Reading →

Whole 30 – My review

Alright, so I’m done with the Whole 30….or more accurately the Whole 25.  There were days I hated it and days I was loving it.  I wanted to write out a review, though, of my experience with it because I’m finding that everyone I know, who did it, got something different out of it.  I... Continue Reading →

Day 21

I finished Day 21 yesterday.  Easy Peazy.  The challenge is becoming less and less hard.  I decided that on Thursday this week I will read over everything in the book again, as far as what I should expect, and do an analysis on what actually happened with me.  Everyone is different and I don’t think... Continue Reading →

Day 19 & 20….Smell ya later

Or just see ya later...I can't smell a damn thing.  =) This weekend was a breeze.  Honestly, I am flying HIGH right now on energy alone.  I had one of the most relaxing weekends that I’ve had in a while and I didn’t really do much.  Friday, I headed to the gym, came home and... Continue Reading →

Day 18…..TGIF

This week was long and very rough on many levels.  But guess what….IT’S FRIDAY!  I get to go home and make my Whole 30 meatloaf and watch a ton of bad TV.  I have no real plans outside of hitting up a spinning class and walking around downtown for the women’s march.  Tom and I... Continue Reading →

Day 15

So I’m happy that I made it to Day 15 but my day in general was not good.  I was in a constant state of wanting to drink all the wine while eating my weights worth in cookies.  I’m sure this is standard but at this point I don’t even care.  Between work and everything... Continue Reading →

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