Day 8…Same ol thang

I wish I had something amazing to follow up that dream blog but I don’t.  I woke up this morning pretty easy.  I don’t have an amazing amount of energy like some people write about having.  I’m wondering if maybe my morning energy levels were never that bad anyway.  I always thought they were because... Continue Reading →

Day 3….Oh yeah, I do need sugar

I probably should have reminded myself at the beginning of the Whole 30 that I am Hypoglycemic.  This means that I have an unusual low blood glucose level.  If I don't get some type of sugar to regulate my levels, I tend to lose my vision for a time or faint.  It typically happens after... Continue Reading →

Day 2 – Called in Sick.

Day 2 of the Whole 30 has me feeling like a sack of shit.  I woke up feeling very tired and sluggish.  Not the feeling I thought I would have.  I'm craving sweets almost once every 5 minutes. I know I shouldn't be this dramatic but I guess when I don't have the option to... Continue Reading →

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