Detroit Turkey Trottin’

I did it.  I completed my second 2018 New Years resolution by finishing my 5th running race of the year.

Normally, I wouldn’t brag about this, since it took me almost the entire year to do, but I ran this race in 20 degree weather with Tom, in the city he grew up in.  It was kind of a special way to celebrate being back in Michigan for Thanksgiving.

We arrived the night before the race and basically had to go straight to bed so that we could wake up at 5:45AM to get ready to run.  We hadn’t been able to pick up our packets beforehand so we had to make sure we had time to do that before the race actually started.  We signed up for the actual 10K -WE DON’T PLAY- so we needed to make sure we were able to make it to the start as that group left first.

We barely made it.  And by barely, I mean we ran to the start and had to squeeze our way into the the 10K corral that was packed full of people moving to start running.


Just made it in time.

The race was great.  Neither Tom or I trained for this but we had such a fun time running by different spots Tom has shown me throughout the years it made the time go by pretty fast.  Some great spots:  The Magic Stick, College of Creative Studies (Toms College), Little Caesars Area, Old Joe, DIA, The People Mover etc.  Detroit is a really underrated city.


Post Race!

Great race that I would definitely like to do again.

Oh and side note….I cannot believe how many people are downtown at 6AM so that they can get a good spot for the parade.  I feel like I’m really missing something there.  Parades are boring.  I just do not understand the allure.  One float…oh cool.  Maybe watch a few more go by….but after that I’m bored.  And in 20 degree weather?  No.

I do have one last New Years Resolution that I feel like may be a lost cause.  It is to get rid of that awful mustard yellow sweater Tom has.  It’s not going to happen.  It is too small for him (You can see his belly button), has a weird fabric line on the front AND makes him look like the sun.  However – he loves it…..and he loves the reaction I give him when he wears it.  Maybe next year.



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